The DLP HelpDesk was down due to technical difficulties, but is now fully active!

Updated: 28 June 2021

We apologize for delays this has caused our community in terms of access to and completion of required trainings. We are working hard to resolve any residual issues so that everyone in the DAIDS community can again use the DLPHelpDesk to get their questions answered. 

Unfortunately, while the HelpDesk was down we were unable to accept new inquiries through the online form on the DLP. If you previously submitted a ticket in this way after 1 April 2021, we are unable to access your inquiry. Additionally, during this time many site staff have reached out to the DAIDS Support Team directly through email. Now that the HelpDesk is active again we ask you to resubmit any unanswered questions or new inquiries going forward. To get started visit the online HelpDesk inquiry form at:

Again, we want to take a moment to thank everyone in the DAIDS community for having patience with our team as we resolve these technical difficulties, and for your continued support and understanding!

Best wishes,

DAIDS Support Team