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What is the DAIDS Learning Portal?

The DAIDS Learning Portal (DLP) is web-based software that offers DAIDS-supported clinical research staff, collaborators, and DAIDS training partners the ability to complete online training courses 24 hours a day. Through the DLP, you can keep track your training progress, review your history of completions, and obtain certificates of completion. Request an account or click here to log-in and access the DAIDS Learning Portal.

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How do I search for training materials, resources, and content in the DAIDS Learning Portal?

You will find a search box at the bottom of the Course Catalog Page. Type any keywords in the box, then press 'Search' or click on the Browse Courses box located at the bottom of the page. A page will open displaying your search results. If you have any questions, or have difficulty locating materials and resources, please contact the DAIDS Training Support Team.

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How will I benefit from using the DLP

Clinical research staff can use the DLP as a convenient, easy, and effective way to take training courses and provide evidence of completed training courses (certificates). Using this system can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of managing and reporting training activities at multiple levels across the DAIDS-funded Clinical Research Program.

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How will DAIDS communicate news about the DLP, updates to courses, and other important information?

When there is news or other important information, the “Announcements” banner will appear at the top of the DAIDS Learning Portal home page.

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Where do I find information and resources about NIAID-funded clinical trial networks?

Visit the Resources page.

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How often will these FAQs be updated?

The DAIDS Training Support Team keeps track of all questions that are asked. Once the DAIDS Training Support Team identifies a question that qualifies as an FAQ, this page will be updated. Check back to see what’s been added!

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Do you still have questions that were not addressed on this page?

Please contact the DAIDS Training Support Team and they will be happy to assist you.

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Who can use the DAIDS Learning Portal?

The DLP is available for all staff in any of the DAIDS-supported and/or sponsored sites, including clinical staff, laboratory staff, pharmacy staff, and Community Advisory Board members, as well as collaborating partners. Click here to request an account.

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What if I am a member of a non-network site? Will I be able to use the DAIDS Learning Portal?

Yes. All DAIDS-supported and/or sponsored sites and partners can access and use the DAIDS Learning Portal.

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I am having trouble remembering my username, how can I find that out?

For additional assistance, please contact the DAIDS Training Support Team.

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What should I do if I forget my password?

Click on the login box located on the top right of the home page. Click 'forgot your password' To reset your password enter your email address in the field box and click the submit button. If your email address is in our system you will receive a verification email with instructions on resetting your password. Please check your junk mail or spam folder to ensure the email does not get lost. If we are unable to verify your email either we do not have you in our system or we have you registered with a different email address. If you have any difficulties locating your account, please reach out to our DAIDS Training Support Team.

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What training is required by DAIDS?

The Resources page has information on training requirements and recommendations related to:

  • DAIDS Clinical Research Policies eLearnings
  • Good Clinical Practice(GCP)/Human Subjects Protection (HSP)
  • The DAIDS Adverse Experience Reporting System (DAERS)
  • The DAIDS Protocol Registration System (DPRS)
  • The Clinical Site Monitoring (CSM) System
  • Quality Management Plans (QM)

You can also review the Training Required by DAIDS page for additional details.

For technical questions about the courses, please contact the DAIDS Training Support Team. For questions about policy requirements at your site, please contact your Program Officer (PO).

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Are any of the training courses available in other languages?

Yes, we have the Good Clinical Laboratory Practices (GCLP) trainings in French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai. The HIV Research Counseling and Testing (HRCT) training is available in Spanish and the Transgender Courses are available in Spanish and Portuguese. Continue checking the FAQ frequently for updates, as we may add courses in other languages in the future.

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Can my site conduct a group training on a specific course within the DLP?

Yes. A staff member may conduct group trainings on specific courses within the DLP. After completion of the training, all attendees must sign and date an attestation form and send it to the DAIDS Training Support Team. A Support Team member will add this course to each of the attendee's "Transcripts" so they are able to print out a certificate of completion. *Note: The courses are designed to provide learners with everything they need to know about a certain topic. For some site-based trainings, attestations will not be accepted. These include, but are not limited to DAERS, DPRS, CSM and other courses on DAIDS technical systems. If you have any questions about a particular course, please email the DAIDS Training Support Team for assistance.

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How do I view my completed work?

The status of any training is recorded in real-time in the DAIDS Learning Portal. Select ‘My Courses’ in the ribbon and click on the Transcripts tab to view your training history.

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Is there an option to enter training that has previously been completed but is not showing on my LMS transcript?

Yes. Yes. The DAIDS Learning Portal captures information on what courses have been completed. Please contact the DAIDS Training Support Team to assist you in recording previous items.

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I reviewed a course in the DLP, but the system is not registering my completion. How do I move on?

Be sure that you have opened and reviewed every page or slide of the course in the DAIDS Learning Portal. Additionally, if there are interactive questions or assessments, be sure to complete those. If the course still is not completing, please contact the DAIDS Training Support Team for assistance.

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In the DLP, I do not see anything in My Courses. How do I locate available courses?

My Courses is not automatically populated with courses. You can locate courses that you are interested in by selecting the ‘Course Catalog’ tab located on the ribbon.

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