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    HIV in Transgender Communities

    HIV in Transgender Communities focuses on the impact of HIV on transgender communities and some of the factors that contribute to the high burden of HIV in those communities.

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    New DAIDS GCP Training Option

    This new GCP course fulfills the 3 year training requirment for site staff with a 4 module series covering the regulatory frameworks and the history, planning, and conducting of human subject research.

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  • TB

    Tuberculosis Infection Control Course

    Learn about guidelines that will help to limit the spread of TB in research facilities, healthcare settings, households, and vehicles transporting participants.

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DAIDS Required Courses

DAIDS Clinical Research Policies eLearnings
Become familiar with the DAIDS Clinical Research Policies using one of our eLearning courses. You can take these courses in addition to or in place of reviewing the policies themselves.
Introduction to Quality Management
Develop a basic understanding of quality management and how to implement a quality culture at clinical research sites.
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DAIDS Adverse Experience Reporting System (DAERS)
This course will train CRS staff on how to assess Adverse Events using the Manual for Expedited Reporting of Adverse Events to DAIDS, gain access to the DAIDS Adverse Experience Reporting System (DAERS), and report EAEs to DAIDS using DAERS.
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Human Subject Protection (HSP) / Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
Identify the training requirements and the means by which the requirements can be met for human subjects protection. There are three options for meeting the requirement.
Clinical Site Monitoring (CSM) System
Engage in this interactive course featuring case studies designed for new personnel and helpful tips to refresh current CSM users. Clinic and pharmacy staff members who will be interacting with the monitors and addressing monitoring issues in the CSM must take this course.
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DAIDS Protocol Registration System (DPRS)
Learn to use the online protocol registration repository to upload and track submission documents and reports. Staff members who will use the system to prepare, submit, and track protocol registration documents must take this course.
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